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“Constrain my affections so that I can reflect what it means to be truly free…” Continue reading

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Group-Think, The Precarious Power of Protest, and Owning Your Own Skepticism – Pt. 1

“…the leader who is called out isn’t the only one who’s tempted with misusing power. Because public, passionate, and unexpected criticism is itself an exercise of power, the one who’s publicly exposing another can misuse their power as well. ” Continue reading

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Forgiveness, Re-Entrusting, and Rest

I wanted to be entrusted with the opportunity to succeed in the very sphere that I had once failed. Continue reading

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Real Forgiveness Isn’t Easy or Cheap

Most fundamentally, then, forgiveness is not so much a word spoken, an action performed, or a feeling felt as it is an embodied way of life in an ever-deepening friendship with the triune God and with others. Continue reading

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Call Me…Huh?

Two questions: First: Why is it that when Rachel Dolezal identifies as trans-racial, I am supposed to applaud her resignation, but when someone else identifies as trans-gender, I’m supposed to applaud their transformation? … Second: To what extent is a man, woman, or person belonging to a particular gender or race a physical embodiment of their own gender or race’s historical sorrows, labors, loves, and sacrifices? Continue reading

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Mormons / LDS and Knowing God

If God’s summons to worship him alone is grounded in the fact that I ultimately owe my own existence to him alone, then why doesn’t the LORD himself also have this duty towards the “One” who gave himself his own being? Continue reading

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Is Anything So Beautiful That You Would Risk Real Loss to Commend its Worth?

Last night I had some Mormon missionaries stop by our place who were willing to risk embarrassment to commend what they believe to others. While I’m not a Mormon, I was refreshed to see a couple of young men who … Continue reading

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