Hans & Marni Stout

Stout Family_5.10.15

Future Goals

I am presently seeking to serve in the PCA as an Associate or Senior Pastor. Ever since I was 18, I’ve desired to preach and teach the Word. By God’s grace, this desire to preach the Word has been confirmed through the careful examination of other godly pastors and leaders who are far wiser and experienced than I. Second, through the fruit of the preached Word in repentance, conversion, and a deeper longing for God’s Word. Third, through a growing desire for holiness and grace.

Educational History

1999-2000: Attended the School of Ministry at Calvary of Albuquerque, New Mexico where I got my first introduction to jail ministry as a volunteer chaplain. Although I initially feared going into jail for the first time, the experience was so incredible, that I’ve been involved with jail as a volunteer chaplain ever since.

2008-2012: By God’s grace, I was able to attend Covenant Theological Seminary with my family, complete my Masters of Divinity, and graduate cum laude. It was an incredible privilege to study under the wisdom and care of Bryan Chapell, Jeram Barrs, Donald Guthrie, Jack Collins, Hans Bayer, Brian Aucker, Jay Sklar, and a host of other godly pastor / teachers. Their godliness, love for the Word, and love for others still enrich and challenge me today.

2013-2014: Completed a one year internship at Redeemer Redmond as a prerequisite for licensure and ordination in the PCA.

2014-present: Ordained as a ruling elder at Redeemer Redmond.

2015: Completed my licensure exams at Greenlake Presbyterian Church in Seattle, WA.

Ministry Experience & Skills

Teaching, preaching, Bible studies, and open forums (1999-present):

  • Served as a volunteer chaplain in New Mexico, Idaho, Missouri, and Washington
  • Hosted numerous open forums – a setting where participants are able to ask any question they want about how the Word intersects life, work, family, culture, and other religions
  • Delivered interactive sermons and Bible studies – a context in which inmates are encouraged to interact and ask questions as the sermon / study progresses
  • Served as a pulpit supply in my final year of seminary and am presently available to serve in this capacity again

God at work (1993-present):

Ministry doesn’t just take place in church – it takes place in all areas of life – including our places of work. While at work, I am continually looking for opportunities to listen, learn, and help those I work with to take one step closer to the gospel.

This often entails interacting with atheists, skeptics, agnostics, the unchurched, de-churched New Agers, Buddhists, secularists, and cynics.

Brief Summary of My Personal History

Early Years

I grew up in the Northwest as one of three children. My father was a construction worker and committed father who planted in me a passionate desire to be near God. My mother was a homemaker extraordinaire who watered the seeds my father had planted with regular readings from the Scripture.

Early Challenges

Prior to getting married, I was exposed to a number of different church traditions. This exposure, however, did not come without a cost: By the time I had moved away from home, our family had been through 9 different churches – with at least 7 of the 9 experiencing a serious division or split.

Sadly, the division wasn’t limited to the church. When I was 19, my parents divorced.

Great Grace

Yet even in the midst of these seasons of sorrow, God has brought about a number of gracious reversals. Following are some of the reversals that God has accomplished following the loss of my family:

First, God has brought an exceptional woman into my life that has been a refreshing source of companionship and joy. Second, God has graciously given me two children who love the Lord. Third, God has infused a stability into my family’s life that could not have been experienced apart from God’s great grace.  Fourth, God has sustained my love for the gospel and his people. Fifth, God has expanded my capacity to relate to others who have been touched by divorce. Finally, in ministering to those who are incarcerated, God has brought restoration in the midst of deep loss.

Following are some of the reversals that God has accomplished following the church conflicts of my early years:

First, he has rescued me from cynicism through the person and work of Christ. Second, God has expanded my capacity to minister to those who are cynical about their past church experiences. Third, God has expanded my capacity to better understand how communicative breakdown and division works in the church. Fourth, God has increased my love for the church. Fifth, God has increased my passion for the unity of the church. Sixth, God has expanded my capacity to relate to those trapped in the scourge of cultism (specifically Jehovah’s Witnesses, and New Agers). Seventh, God has helped me to better understand and relate to believers from diverse church backgrounds.


My wife enjoys writing songs, articles, and fiction. She also enjoys scrapbooking and reading. We both enjoy watching films with an eye to how the story relates to the gospel. My wife is also a great listener and does an excellent job of sharpening her hubby!

My two sons are voracious readers, and enjoy reading all kinds of books. As they sleep at night, their beds are often peppered with an assortment of books.

Outreach & Hobbies

Although I was profoundly nervous when I first went to a jail to share the gospel, I have been incredibly blessed to be able to minister to those who are incarcerated. I always learn something new every time I minister and am blessed by the various ways that God awakens men who were formerly dead (Eph. 2:1).

Prior to leaving New Mexico, one young inmate began to cry as he heard about the cross of Christ for the first time. Prior to leaving Missouri, an inmate expressed his desire to be reconciled to Christ for the first time in his life after hearing the gospel. Another inmate, after being released, attended Bible College with a view of helping troubled youth.

In addition to reading and teaching the Word, I also enjoy reading other books. My interests range from the good old Puritan classics (John Bunyan, Stephen Charnock, Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, etc…), to the biographies of contemporary musicians (Kurt Cobain, Eric Clapton, etc…). I also read the literature of cults, such as Watchtower literature and various kinds of New Age literature. Please keep reading for an explanation:

I enjoy reading the old classics, because they are busting at the seams with a passion for God’s glory and a love for good theology. I enjoy reading the biographies of contemporary musicians, because they are loaded with entry points into the gospel that can be integrated into conversations with unbelievers. There have been a number of occasions in jail and at my workplace where events from the final days of Kurt Cobain have helped unbelievers or skeptics understand both the false promises of human autonomy and their need for the authority of the Word. I read the literature of NewAger’s and cults, because I get in conversations with them about the gospel and want to understand how the gospel speaks into their lives and challenges their most fundamental concerns and commitments.

I also enjoy fishing and beachcombing with my wife and sons. When I have the time, I also enjoy woodworking, photography, and graphic design – as these give me time to recharge and relax.


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